Article 3. Conduct Of Elections of California Elections Code >> Division 10. >> Part 2. >> Chapter 2. >> Article 3.

The city elections official shall have the necessary ballots printed and shall procure and furnish to the election officers the necessary supplies and equipment as specified in Sections 14105 and 14110. The elections official shall see that they are properly distributed to each precinct prior to the opening of the polls on the day of election.
Before opening the polls, the election officers shall sign a declaration to discharge faithfully the duties of an election officer, before the inspector or before any other of themselves.
The polls shall be open on the day of election between the hours that the governing body determines, but not less than eight consecutive hours. The hours of opening and closing the polls shall be specified in the notice of election, or shall otherwise be the same as provided for general elections. Before the precinct board receives any ballots, it shall cause it to be proclaimed aloud at the place of election that the polls are open.
A majority of the members of any precinct board shall be present at the polling place at all times while the polling place is open.