Article 2. Ballots of California Elections Code >> Division 11. >> Chapter 4. >> Article 2.

The following shall appear on the ballots at every recall election, except in the case of a landowner voting district, with respect to each officer sought to be recalled:
  (a) The question "Shall [name of officer sought to be recalled] be recalled (removed) from the office of [title of office]?"
  (b) To the right of the foregoing question, the words "Yes" and "No" on separate lines with an enclosed voting space to the right of each.
In addition to the material contained in Section 11320, the following shall appear on ballots at all recall elections, except at a landowner voting district recall election:
  (a) The names of the candidates nominated to succeed the officer sought to be recalled shall appear under each recall question.
  (b) Following each list of candidates, the ballot shall provide one blank line with a voting space to the right of it for the voter to write in a name not printed on the ballot.
A voter shall indicate, by using the stamp or other marking device to place a mark in the voting space opposite either "Yes" or "No", his vote for or against the recall proposal, respectively.
The official responsible for preparing the ballot shall, at least 10 days prior to the recall election, mail a sample ballot to each registered voter of the electoral jurisdiction of the officer sought to be recalled.
(a) With the sample ballot there shall be mailed for each officer whose recall is sought, a printed copy of the following:
  (1) The statement of reasons for recall that appeared on the notice of intent to recall that was filed by the proponents of the recall with the elections official, or in the case of a state officer, with the Secretary of State.
  (2) The answer to the statement of reasons for recall that was filed by the officer whose recall is sought with the elections official or, in the case of a state officer, with the Secretary of State, if any answer was filed.
  (b) The printed copies of the statement and the answer to that statement shall be mailed with the sample ballot either in a document separate from the sample ballot or in the same document in which the sample ballot appears. Both the statement and answer shall be printed on the same page, or on facing pages of the document, and shall be of equal prominence.
  (c) If the recall of more than one officer is sought, the statement and answer for each officer shall be printed together and shall be clearly distinguished from those of any other officer.
An officer whose recall is being sought may file a statement with the elections official in accordance with Section 13307, to be sent to each voter, together with the sample ballot.