Article 1. Contest Procedures At General Elections of California Elections Code >> Division 16. >> Chapter 6. >> Article 1.

Within five days after the end of the time allowed for filing statements of contest, the clerk of the superior court shall notify the superior court of the county of all statements filed. The presiding judge shall forthwith designate the time and place of hearing, which time shall be not less than 10 nor more than 20 days from the date of the order.
The clerk of the superior court shall thereupon issue a citation for the defendant to appear at the time and place specified in the order, which citation shall be delivered to the sheriff and served upon the party at least five days before the time so specified, by either of the following methods:
  (a) Personally.
  (b) If the party cannot be found, by leaving a copy at the house where he or she last resided.
The clerk of the superior court shall issue subpoenas for witnesses at the request of any party, which shall be served as other subpoenas. The superior court may issue attachments to compel the attendance of witnesses who have been subpoenaed to attend.
The contestant shall, in the first instance, be liable for the expenses involved in making any recount. He or she shall pay into court in advance each day a sum that the judge finds sufficient to pay all recount expenses that will have accrued by the end of that day. The sums paid shall be part of the costs. The elections official may pay each day the clerical assistants necessary for the recount from the amount advanced by the contestant without the necessity of the funds being first deposited with the county treasurer.