Article 1. General Elections of California Elections Code >> Division 16. >> Chapter 8. >> Article 1.

The person declared elected by the superior court is entitled to a certificate of election. If a certificate has not already been issued to him or her, the elections official shall immediately make out and deliver to that person a certificate of election signed by him or her.
If the elections official has issued any certificate for the same office to any other person than the one declared elected by the court, or if the court finds a tie vote in a general election contest brought under this division, the certificate is annulled by the judgment.
Whenever an election is annulled or set aside by the judgment of the superior court, and no appeal has been taken within 10 days thereafter, the commission, if any has issued, is void and the office vacant.
If in any election contest it appears that another person than the defendant has the highest number of legal votes, the court shall declare that person elected.