Article 8. Filing Petitions To Defeat An Initiative Or Referendum of California Elections Code >> Division 18. >> Chapter 7. >> Article 8.

Every person is guilty of a misdemeanor who, either as principal or agent, files in the office of the Secretary of State, county elections official, or in the office of any other officer designated by law to receive the filing, a petition or any section of a petition relating to the Constitution or the laws of this state, authorized by the Constitution or laws of this state regulating the statewide initiative or referendum, with the intention of thereby defeating that initiative or referendum measure that is embraced in the petition. Nothing in this section applies to any person who, in good faith, files a petition embracing an initiative or referendum measure that conflicts with a similar measure already on file.
Any petition, or any section of a petition, filed by any person other than the proponents of an initiative or referendum measure and with an intention of defeating an expression of the public will is null and void.