Article 2. Voting System Testing Agencies of California Elections Code >> Division 19. >> Chapter 3. >> Article 2.

For purposes of this division, "state-approved testing agency" means a person or entity that is authorized by the Secretary of State to conduct the testing and examination of a voting system in connection with certification or conditional approval of the voting system pursuant to this division.
The Secretary of State shall do all of the following:
  (a) Publish requirements for the approval of state-approved testing agencies that are authorized to conduct the testing and examination of voting systems. Until the requirements are published, federally accredited voting system laboratories shall be used to conduct testing and examination.
  (b) Approve and publish a list of authorized state-approved testing agencies.
The person, corporation, or public agency applying for certification of a voting system is responsible for all costs associated with the testing of the voting system.
The Secretary of State shall use a state-approved testing agency or expert technicians to examine and test voting systems or parts of voting systems proposed for use or sale in this state. He or she shall furnish a complete report of the findings of the examination and testing to the Governor and the Attorney General.