Article 4. Procedures At The Polls of California Elections Code >> Division 19. >> Chapter 4. >> Article 4.

Before unsealing the envelope containing the keys and opening the doors concealing the counters the precinct board shall determine that the number on the seal on the machine and the number registered on the protective counter correspond to the numbers on the envelope. Each member of the precinct board shall then carefully examine the counters to see that each registers zero (000). If the machine is provided with embossing, printing, or photography devices that record the readings of the counters the board shall, instead of opening the counter compartment, cause a "before election proofsheet" to be produced and determined by it that all counters register zero (000). If any discrepancy is found in the numbers registered on the counters or the "before election proofsheet" the precinct board shall make, sign, and post a written statement attesting to this fact. In filling out the statement of return of votes cast, the precinct board shall subtract any number shown on the counter from the number shown on the counter at the close of the polls.
The keys to the voting machines shall be delivered to the precinct board no later than 12 hours before the opening of the polls. They shall be in an envelope upon which is written the designation and location of the election precinct, the number of the voting machine, the number on the seal, and the number registered on the protective counter. The precinct board member receiving the key shall sign a receipt. The envelope shall not be opened until at least two members of the precinct board are present to determine that the envelope has not been opened. At the close of the polls the keys shall be placed in the envelope supplied by the official and the number of the machine, the number of the seal, the number registered on the protective counter, shall be written on the envelope.
The exterior of the voting machine and every part of the polling place shall be in plain view of the election precinct board and the poll watchers. The ballot labels shall be clearly visible when the machine is not in use and shall be inspected by a member of the precinct board after each voter has left the booth. Each machine shall be at least four feet from the poll clerk's table.