Chapter 6. New Citizens Application And Voting Procedures of California Elections Code >> Division 3. >> Chapter 6.

A new citizen is eligible to register and vote at the office of, or at another location designated by, the county elections official at any time beginning on the 14th day before an election and ending at the close of polls on the election day following the date on which that person became a citizen.
A new citizen registering to vote after the close of registration shall provide the county elections official with proof of citizenship prior to voting, and shall declare that he or she has established residency in California. Upon receipt of proof of citizenship and California residency, the county elections official shall instate the affiant as a registered voter and include his or her affidavit of registration in the permanent file of affidavits.
The ballots of new citizens shall be received and canvassed at the same time and under the same procedure as vote by mail voter ballots, insofar as that procedure is not inconsistent with this chapter.
The county elections official shall keep open to public inspection a list of all persons who have registered as new citizens.