Article 4. Qualification Of Candidates And Uncommitted Delegations of California Elections Code >> Division 6. >> Part 1. >> Chapter 1. >> Article 4.

This article shall apply to the qualification for placement on the presidential primary ballot of candidates who are not selected candidates as referred to in Section 6041, and each group, consisting of at least seven voters of the state who are registered as affiliated with the Democratic Party, proposing the selection of delegates expressing no preference for a candidate for President, hereinafter referred to as an "uncommitted delegation." The additional candidates who qualify under this article shall hereinafter be referred to as unselected candidates.
Any unselected candidate or uncommitted delegation desiring to be placed on the presidential primary ballot shall have nomination papers circulated on behalf of the candidacy. In order to qualify for placement on the presidential primary ballot, the candidate's or uncommitted delegation's nomination papers shall be signed by voters registered as affiliated with the Democratic Party equal in number to not less than 1 percent or 500, whichever is fewer, in each congressional district of the number of persons registered as members of the Democratic Party in the report of registration issued by the Secretary of State on the 135th day preceding the presidential primary election. The unselected candidates or uncommitted delegations shall meet the statewide signature requirements from each congressional district in order to be eligible for placement on the ballot in any one congressional district.