Article 6. Arrangement And Examination Of Nomination Papers of California Elections Code >> Division 6. >> Part 1. >> Chapter 2. >> Article 6.

Each section of a nomination paper shall be returned by the circulator who circulated it to the candidate or his or her designee. All the sections circulated in any county shall be collected by the candidate or his or her designee and he or she shall arrange and leave the sections with the county elections official for examination.
Prior to filing, the sections of a nomination paper for a candidate shall be numbered in order.
Nomination papers, properly assembled, may be consolidated and fastened together by counties, but nomination papers signed by voters in different counties shall not be thus fastened together.
The county elections official shall examine all nomination papers left with him or her for examination and shall disregard and mark "not sufficient" the name of any voter of his or her county which does not appear in the same handwriting on an affidavit of registration in the office of the county elections official. He or she shall also disregard and mark "not sufficient" the name of any voter of his or her county who has not stated his or her intention to affiliate with the Republican Party.
Within five days after any nomination papers are left with him or her for examination, the county elections official shall:
  (a) Examine and affix to them a certificate reciting that he or she has examined them and stating the number of names which have not been marked "not sufficient."
  (b) Transmit the papers with the certificate of examination to the Secretary of State, who shall file the papers.
The county elections official's certificate to nomination papers of a candidate shall be in substantially the following form:
COUNTY ELECTION OFFICIAL'S CERTIFICATE TO NOMINATION PAPERS OF A CANDIDATE To the Secretary of State: I, County Elections Official of the County of _____________, hereby certify that I have examined the nomination papers, to which this certificate is attached, of the candidate for the ensuing presidential primary, and that the number of names which I have not marked "not sufficient" is ______________. The candidate named in the nomination papers is ______________. Dated this ____________ day of ____________, 19____. ________________________ , County Elections Official By ____________________ , Deputy
No filing fee is required from any person to be voted for at a presidential primary.