Article 6. American Independent Presidential Primary Ballot of California Elections Code >> Division 6. >> Part 1. >> Chapter 3. >> Article 6.

For the presidential primary election, the format of the American Independent Party ballot shall be governed by Chapter 2 (commencing with Section 13100) of Division 13, with the following exceptions:
  (a) In place of the heading "Delegates to National Convention, vote for one group only" shall appear the heading "Presidential Preference, vote for one".
  (b) Selected and unselected presidential candidates shall be listed below the heading specified in subdivision (a).
  (c) Below the presidential candidates shall appear in the same column, or in the next column if there is not sufficient space in the first column, the heading "Delegates to National Convention, vote for one group."
  (d) The instructions to voters shall be the same as provided for in Chapter 2 (commencing with Section 13100) of Division 13 except that they shall begin with the words, "To express your preference for a candidate for nomination for President, stamp a cross (+) in the square opposite the name of the candidate. Your vote in this portion of the ballot is advisory only. Delegates to the national convention will be elected in the delegate selection portion of the ballot."
Any person who believes his or her name may be used as a write-in candidate for President of the United States shall, not later than 21 days before the primary election, file his or her endorsement of his or her write-in candidacy with the Secretary of State, or no votes shall be counted for him or her.