Chapter 3. State Central Committee of California Elections Code >> Division 7. >> Part 2. >> Chapter 3.

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the elements and practices of the state central committee shall be the same as set forth in the standing rules and bylaws of the Democratic Party of California, including the following:
  (a) The membership of the state central committee.
  (b) The procedures for notifying members of appointments.
  (c) Proxy provisions.
  (d) The form of appointment of members to the state central committee.
  (e) The officers, methods of electing officers, and their terms.
  (f) Quorum requirements for meetings of the state central committee.
  (g) The procedures for the conduct of committee proceedings.
The state central committee shall conduct party campaigns for the party and on behalf of the candidates of the party. It shall appoint committees and appoint and employ campaign directors and perform all other activities relating to campaign organizations it deems suitable or desirable and in the best interest of the party.
The Democratic Party of California shall post a current copy of its standing rules and bylaws for public inspection on its Internet Web site.