Article 4. General Business of California Elections Code >> Division 7. >> Part 4. >> Chapter 3. >> Article 4.

The chairperson of this committee shall call the committee to order at 10 a.m. on the day of first meeting. The next business in order shall be the election of a temporary chairperson, which may be by acclamation, unless there is a contest, in which event the roll shall be called.
The temporary chairperson, upon election, shall immediately appoint a committee on proxies and credentials, consisting of one member from each senatorial district, selected from among the members of this committee certified by the Secretary of State.
This committee shall choose its officers by rollcall vote, poll of senatorial district delegations, or any other method as may be prescribed by the committee. Its officers shall have the power usually exercised by the officers of those committees insofar as may be consistent with this chapter.
This committee may select from its membership an executive committee, to which it may grant all or any portion of its powers and duties. If this committee grants any portion of its powers to an executive committee, it shall provide for the election to its executive committee of two members, one of each sex, from each senatorial district delegation. A senatorial district delegation shall consist only of those state central committee members who reside within that senatorial district.
The state central committee or its executive committee shall designate by resolution or bylaw the national committee or party organization with which the American Independent Party is affiliated and shall file a copy of the resolution or bylaw with the Secretary of State. In the event of controversy over the national affiliation of the party, the most recent resolution or bylaw filed shall be determinative.
The chairperson of this committee shall serve a two-year term, but shall not succeed himself or herself.
The elective officers provided for in the bylaws of this committee shall serve for two-year terms.
This committee may prescribe dues to be paid by those persons specified in Section 7600 in the manner and by the time prescribed by vote of the majority of the members of the committee. The dues charged shall not exceed twenty-four dollars ($24) per year. Any member of this committee who fails to pay the dues prescribed by the committee may, upon first notifying the delegate to the state convention who appointed that member, be removed from the committee in the manner provided by the committee.
This committee shall conduct party campaigns for this party and in behalf of the candidates of this party. It shall appoint committees and appoint and employ campaign directors and perfect whatever campaign organizations it deems suitable or desirable and for the best interest of the party. This committee shall have power to appoint interim county central committees in all counties in which the voters have not elected one or more county central committee members in the presidential primary preceding the organization of this committee. Persons appointed to interim county central committees pursuant to this section shall meet the qualifications otherwise required by Chapter 4 (commencing with Section 7650) for appointees to fill vacancies on county central committees. Notice of all appointments pursuant to this section shall be filed by the state central committee with the elections official of the county for which that interim county central committee is appointed. Interim county central committees appointed pursuant to this section shall have all of the powers and privileges afforded county central committees by the provisions of Chapter 4 (commencing with Section 7650), but members of interim county central committees shall not be designated as incumbents on the ballot in the succeeding primary election.
A quorum of this committee is a majority of the entire membership, represented either in person or by proxy.
The proceedings at all meetings of this committee shall be governed by any manual of parliamentary procedures designated by the committee.