Article 1. Members of California Elections Code >> Division 7. >> Part 5. >> Chapter 4. >> Article 1.

At its first meeting on the second Tuesday in July following the presidential primary election and at subsequent meetings, a county central committee, in its sole discretion, may appoint any additional members to the county central committee as it may desire.
A county central committee may require a balance of elected and appointed committee members to create a total membership division of 50 percent women and 50 percent men.
No person shall be appointed to membership on a county central committee unless she or he is registered as a voter affiliated with the Peace and Freedom Party in the county, or is a resident of the county who would register as a voter affiliated with this party if not legally prohibited from doing so.
Any member of a committee who misses more than three consecutive regularly scheduled meetings may be removed by a vote of the committee concerned, unless the absence of the member is caused by illness or temporary absence from the county on the date of the meeting.
The removal of residence by an elected or appointed member of a county central committee from the county from which the member was elected shall constitute the member's automatic resignation from the committee.
A committee may remove any elected or appointed member, who during the term of membership, affiliates with or registers as a member of another political party, publicly advocates that the voters should not vote for the nominee of the party for any office, publicly gives support to or avows a preference for a candidate of another party or candidate who is opposed to a candidate nominated by this party, or has violated the bylaws or constitution of the committee.
Whenever any person is appointed to a committee, the chairperson of the committee shall file notices of the appointment with the county elections official and the chairperson of the state central committee within 30 days after it is made. The notices shall contain the name and address of the person appointed and shall indicate the date of the appointment.
If no members of central committees have been elected in a county at the preceding presidential primary election or selected in a county pursuant to Section 7784, or, if for any reason all the members of a county central committee are removed from office or cease to be registered as affiliated as members of the Peace and Freedom Party, then an interim county central committee with full powers may be appointed by the state central committee under the procedures specified in Section 7840.