Chapter 2. Members Of County Councils of California Elections Code >> Division 7. >> Part 6. >> Chapter 2.

At each presidential primary election, members of central committees, which shall be termed "county councils," shall be elected in each county.
For purposes of this chapter, the registration figures used shall be those taken from the statement of voters and their political preferences transmitted by the elections officials to the Secretary of State on or before March 1 of the odd-numbered year preceding the next presidential primary election.
The number of members of the county council to be elected in a county shall be a minimum of three and a maximum of 50, and the process in which each county's number shall be calculated shall be defined in the Green Party's bylaws and, to be effective, shall be communicated to the Secretary of State by the Green Party Liaison to the Secretary of State no later than 175 days before the next presidential primary election.
At its first meeting following the presidential primary election and at subsequent meetings, a county council may appoint additional members to the county council to fill any vacancy.
A person shall not be appointed to membership on a county council who is registered as preferring another party or registered as "No Party Preference." Appointment of other persons who cannot register to vote shall be allowed under certain circumstances as described in state Green Party bylaws and any applicable county Green Party bylaws.
The removal of residence by an elected or appointed member of a county council from the applicable county shall constitute automatic resignation from the county council.
A member of a county council who changes her or his voter registration to no longer prefer the Green Party shall automatically be removed from office upon such registration.
County council members additionally may be removed for cause by procedures established in the Green Party's bylaws.
When a person is appointed to a county council, the county council shall file notices of the appointment with the county elections official and the coordinating committee of the Green Party within 30 days after the appointment is made. The notices shall contain the name and address of the person appointed and shall indicate the date of the appointment.
The Department of General Services shall permit any county council that desires to do so to hold meetings in a state building within the county, and a minimum of one meeting each month shall be without charge.