Chapter 5. Arrangement And Examination Of Nomination Papers of California Elections Code >> Division 8. >> Part 2. >> Chapter 5.

Each section of a nomination paper, after being verified, shall be returned by the circulator who circulated it to the candidate. All the sections circulated in any area shall be collected by the candidate and shall be arranged for filing and examination.
For all nominations of candidates to be voted for in more than one county or throughout the state, the nomination papers, properly assembled, may be fastened together by counties, but in no case shall nomination papers signed by voters of different counties be fastened together.
Nomination papers shall be left with the county elections official for examination and filed by him or her pursuant to the time limitations set forth in Section 8403.
The county elections official shall examine all nomination papers left with him or her for filing or for examination and shall disregard and mark "not sufficient" any name appearing on them which does not appear in the same handwriting on an affidavit of registration in his or her office made on or before the date when the name was signed.
Within 24 days after any nomination papers are left for examination, the county elections official shall examine them and prepare a certificate reciting that he or she has examined them, and stating the number of names which have not been marked "not sufficient." The certificate shall be forwarded immediately to the Secretary of State for those offices that are certified by the Secretary of State.