Article 2. Petition Signatures of California Elections Code >> Division 9. >> Chapter 1. >> Article 2.

(a) The petition sections shall be designed so that each signer shall personally affix all of the following:
  (1) His or her signature.
  (2) His or her printed name.
  (3) His or her residence address, giving street and number, or if no street or number exists, adequate designation of residence so that the location may be readily ascertained. An incomplete or inaccurate apartment or unit number in his or her residence address shall not invalidate his or her signature pursuant to Section 105.
  (4) The name of his or her incorporated city or unincorporated community.
  (b) Only a person who is a qualified registered voter at the time of signing the petition is entitled to sign it.
  (c) The number of signatures attached to each section shall be at the pleasure of the person soliciting the signatures.
(a) A person who meets the requirements of Section 102 may circulate a statewide initiative or referendum petition anywhere within the state. Each section of the petition shall bear the name of a county or city and county, and only qualified registered voters of that county or city and county may sign that section.
  (b) The circulator may sign the section he or she is circulating as provided in Section 106.
(a) Each section shall have attached thereto the declaration of the person soliciting the signatures setting forth the information required by Section 104.
  (b) The circulator shall certify to the content of the declaration as to its truth and correctness, under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California, with the signature of his or her name. The circulator shall state the date and the place of execution on the declaration immediately preceding his or her signature.
  (c) Another declaration shall not be required.
  (d) Petitions so verified shall be prima facie evidence that the signatures are genuine and that the persons signing are qualified voters. Unless and until otherwise proven upon official investigation, it shall be presumed that the petition presented contains the signatures of the requisite number of qualified voters.