Section 17525 Of Article 2. Collections And Enforcement From California Family Law Code >> Division 17. >> Chapter 2. >> Article 2.

. (a) Whenever a state or local governmental agency issues a notice of support delinquency, the notice shall state the date upon which the amount of the delinquency was calculated, and shall notify the obligor that the amount calculated may, or may not, include accrued interest. This requirement shall not be imposed until the local child support agency has instituted the California Child Support Automation System defined in Section 10081 of the Welfare and Institutions Code. The notice shall further notify the obligor of his or her right to an administrative determination of arrears by requesting that the local child support agency review the arrears, but that payments on arrears continue to be due and payable unless and until the local child support agency notifies the obligor otherwise. A state agency shall not be required to suspend enforcement of any arrearages as a result of the obligor's request for an administrative determination of arrears, unless the agency receives notification of a suspension pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 17526.
  (b) For purposes of this section, "notice of support delinquency" means a notice issued to a support obligor that includes a specific statement of the amount of delinquent support due and payable.
  (c) This section shall not require a state or local entity to calculate the amount of a support delinquency, except as otherwise required by law.