Section 3830 Of Chapter 9. Software Used To Determine Support From California Family Law Code >> Division 9. >> Part 1. >> Chapter 9.

. (a) On and after January 1, 1994, no court shall use any computer software to assist in determining the appropriate amount of child support or spousal support obligations, unless the software conforms to rules of court adopted by the Judicial Council prescribing standards for the software, which shall ensure that it performs in a manner consistent with the applicable statutes and rules of court for determination of child support or spousal support.
  (b) The Judicial Council may contract with an outside agency or organization to analyze software to ensure that it conforms to the standards established by the Judicial Council. The cost of this analysis shall be paid by the applicant software producers and fees therefor shall be established by the Judicial Council in an amount that in the aggregate will defray its costs of administering this section.