Chapter 2. Relief From Duty To Support Parent Who Abandoned Child of California Family Law Code >> Division 9. >> Part 4. >> Chapter 2.

An adult child may file a petition in the county where a parent of the child resides requesting that the court make an order freeing the petitioner from the obligation otherwise imposed by law to support the parent. If the parent does not reside in this state, the petition shall be filed in the county where the adult child resides.
The court shall make the order requested pursuant to Section 4410 only if the petition alleges and the court finds all of the following:
  (a) The child was abandoned by the parent when the child was a minor.
  (b) The abandonment continued for a period of two or more years before the time the child attained the age of 18 years.
  (c) During the period of abandonment the parent was physically and mentally able to provide support for the child.
On the filing of a petition under this chapter, the clerk shall set the matter for hearing by the court and shall issue a citation, stating the time and place of the hearing, directed to the parent and to the parent's conservator, if any, or, if the parent is deceased, the personal representative of the parent's estate. At least five days before the date of the hearing, the citation and a copy of the petition shall be personally served on each person to whom it is directed, in the same manner as provided by law for the service of summons.
If the parent is a resident of this state, the court does not have jurisdiction to make an order under this chapter until 30 days after the county counsel, or the district attorney in a county not having a county counsel, of the county in which the parent resides has been served with notice of the pendency of the proceeding.
(a) If, upon hearing, the court determines that the requirements of Section 4411 are satisfied, the court shall make an order that the petitioner is relieved from the obligation otherwise imposed by law to support the parent.
  (b) An order under this section also releases the petitioner with respect to any state law under which a child is required to do any of the following:
  (1) Pay for the support, care, maintenance, and the like of a parent.
  (2) Reimburse the state or a local public agency for furnishing the support, care, maintenance, or the like of a parent.