Article 1. General Provisions of California Family Law Code >> Division 9. >> Part 5. >> Chapter 3. >> Article 1.

The purpose of this chapter is to provide an extraordinary remedy for cases of bad faith failure to pay child support obligations.
"Deposit holder" as used in this chapter means the district attorney, county officer, or trustee designated by the court to receive assets deposited pursuant to this chapter to secure future support payments.
If requested by an obligor-parent, the deposit holder shall prepare a statement setting forth disbursements and receipts made under this chapter.
The deposit holder who is responsible for any money or property and for any disbursements under this chapter is not liable for any action undertaken in good faith and in conformance with this chapter.
(a) If the deposit holder incurs fees or costs under this chapter which are not compensated by the deduction under subdivision (c) of Section 4630 (including, but not limited to, fees or costs incurred in a sale of assets pursuant to this chapter and in the preparation of a statement pursuant to Section 4602), the court shall, after a hearing, order the obligor-parent to pay the reasonable fees and costs incurred by the deposit holder. The hearing shall be held not less than 20 days after the deposit holder serves notice of motion or order to show cause upon the obligor-parent.
  (b) Fees and costs ordered to be paid under this section shall be in addition to any deposit made under this chapter but shall not exceed whichever of the following is less:
  (1) Five percent of one year's child support obligation.
  (2) The total amount ordered deposited under Section 4614.