Chapter 2. Disaffirmance Of Contracts of California Family Law Code >> Division 11. >> Part 3. >> Chapter 2.

Except as otherwise provided by statute, a contract of a minor may be disaffirmed by the minor before majority or within a reasonable time afterwards or, in case of the minor's death within that period, by the minor's heirs or personal representative.
A minor cannot disaffirm an obligation, otherwise valid, entered into by the minor under the express authority or direction of a statute.
A contract, otherwise valid, entered into during minority, may not be disaffirmed on that ground either during the actual minority of the person entering into the contract, or at any time thereafter, if all of the following requirements are satisfied:
  (a) The contract is to pay the reasonable value of things necessary for the support of the minor or the minor's family.
  (b) These things have been actually furnished to the minor or to the minor's family.
  (c) The contract is entered into by the minor when not under the care of a parent or guardian able to provide for the minor or the minor's family.
If, before the contract of a minor is disaffirmed, goods the minor has sold are transferred to another purchaser who bought them in good faith for value and without notice of the transferor's defect of title, the minor cannot recover the goods from an innocent purchaser.