Chapter 2. Consent By Person Having Care Of Minor Or By Court of California Family Law Code >> Division 11. >> Part 4. >> Chapter 2.

The parent, guardian, or caregiver of a minor who is a relative of the minor and who may authorize medical care and dental care under Section 6550, may authorize in writing an adult into whose care a minor has been entrusted to consent to medical care or dental care, or both, for the minor.
(a) Upon application by a minor, the court may summarily grant consent for medical care or dental care or both for the minor if the court determines all of the following:
  (1) The minor is 16 years of age or older and resides in this state.
  (2) The consent of a parent or guardian is necessary to permit the medical care or dental care or both, and the minor has no parent or guardian available to give the consent.
  (b) No fee may be charged for proceedings under this section.