Chapter 1. General Provisions of California Family Law Code >> Division 11. >> Part 6. >> Chapter 1.

This part may be cited as the Emancipation of Minors Law.
It is the purpose of this part to provide a clear statement defining emancipation and its consequences and to permit an emancipated minor to obtain a court declaration of the minor's status. This part is not intended to affect the status of minors who may become emancipated under the decisional case law that was in effect before the enactment of Chapter 1059 of the Statutes of 1978.
A person under the age of 18 years is an emancipated minor if any of the following conditions is satisfied:
  (a) The person has entered into a valid marriage, whether or not the marriage has been dissolved.
  (b) The person is on active duty with the armed forces of the United States.
  (c) The person has received a declaration of emancipation pursuant to Section 7122.