Chapter 1. General Provisions of California Financial Code >> Division 1.1. >> Chapter 1.

When authorized by the commissioner as provided in Chapter 3 (commencing with Section 1040) a corporation may be formed by one or more persons in accordance with the laws of this state for the purpose of conducting a commercial banking business or a trust business, or both of them. The qualification requirements of the Corporate Securities Law of 1968 shall not apply to the offer and sale of securities issued by and representing an interest in or a direct obligation of a bank or trust company incorporated under the laws of this state if the securities are offered and sold pursuant to the commissioner's authorization described in Section 1201 or the securities are exempt from authorization pursuant to Section 1202, or by a regulation or order of the commissioner.
This division is known, and may be cited, as the "Banking Law."
No bank shall be a close corporation (as defined in Section 158 of the Corporations Code).
Except where explicitly stated or the context provides otherwise, this division is applicable to the following:
  (a) All corporations engaging in commercial banking, industrial banking, or the trust business.
  (b) All national banking associations authorized to transact business in this state to the extent that the provisions of this division are not inconsistent with and do not infringe paramount federal laws governing national banking associations.
  (c) All other corporations that subject themselves to the special provisions and sections of this division.
  (d) All other persons, associations, copartnerships, or corporations who, by violating any of its provisions, become subject to the penalties provided for in this division.
(a) A California state bank is a corporation incorporated under Division 1 (commencing with Section 100) of Title 1 of the Corporations Code that is, with the approval of the commissioner, incorporated for the purpose of engaging in, or that is authorized by the commissioner to engage in, the commercial or industrial banking business.
  (b) All provisions of law applicable to corporations generally, including, but not limited to, the General Corporation Law (Division 1 (commencing with Section 100), Title 1 of the Corporations Code) shall apply to banks. However, whenever any provision of this division or any regulation or order issued under any provision (other than this section) of this division applicable to banks is inconsistent with any provision of law applicable to corporations generally, that provision of this division or that regulation or order shall apply and the provision of law applicable to corporations generally shall not apply.
It shall be unlawful for any person, corporation, limited liability company, partnership, firm, or any other form of business entity allowed by law, to engage in or transact commercial banking business, industrial banking business, or trust business within this state except by means of a corporation duly organized for that purpose.
No corporation shall hereafter be organized under the laws of this state to transact the business of a commercial bank, industrial bank, or trust company, except as provided in this chapter.
Neither the enactment of this code nor the amendment or repeal thereof, nor the repeal of any statute affected thereby, shall take away or impair any liability or cause of action existing or incurred against any bank or trust company, or the shareholders, directors, or officers thereof.