Article 6. Investments of California Financial Code >> Division 5. >> Chapter 4. >> Article 6.

Subject to the limitations of Sections 14402, 14403, and 14404, any credit union or credit unions may purchase, acquire and hold outstanding shares of a corporation engaged exclusively in holding property of the character described in Section 14402 and which property is or is to be used for the purposes set forth in Section 14402. The purchase or acquisition of stock of any such corporation shall be approved by two-thirds of all the directors of such credit union or credit unions.
(a) Every credit union may invest in the shares of stock of a corporation, or in membership or economic interests of a limited liability company, organized solely for the purpose of providing services to credit unions, provided the corporation or limited liability company is formed by a credit union or group of credit unions.
  (b) Every credit union may invest in the securities of a corporation or in membership or economic interests of a limited liability company that is not a corporation or limited liability company of the type described in subdivision (a) and that provides services to credit unions, provided the investment is approved by the commissioner.
Every credit union may invest in securities and other assets described in Chapter 10 (commencing with Section 800) of Division 1 as legal investments for nonbank licensees.
A credit union may organize, sponsor, operate, control, or render investment advice to, an investment company, or underwrite, distribute, or sell securities of any investment company which has qualified to sell its securities in this state pursuant to Part 2 (commencing with Section 25100) of Division 1 of Title 4 of the Corporations Code, if the officers and employees of the credit union who sell these securities meet such standards with respect to training, experience, and sales practices as established by the Secretary of Business, Consumer Services, and Housing or the secretary's designee. For the purpose of this section, "investment company" means an investment company as defined in the Investment Company Act of 1940 (15 U.S.C., Sec. 80a-1 et seq.).
Credit unions may invest in a trust organized solely for the purpose of investing in United States government securities and United States government agency securities, provided the trust is formed by an organization composed of credit unions or an organization of credit union associations.
Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a credit union may make any investment authorized by regulation or in writing by the commissioner.
Credit unions may purchase from the vendor or lessor of any personal property, conditional sale contracts or vehicle lease agreements covering the sale or lease of that property or vehicle to its members. The credit union may hold and retain any such conditional sale contract or vehicle lease agreement as an investment.
A credit union may purchase from the owner thereof a promissory note upon which a member is primary obligor provided the credit union could have made a loan to such member in the amount and upon the terms and conditions provided in such note under the provisions of this division.
A credit union may, in accordance with rules and regulations prescribed by the commissioner, purchase from any liquidating credit union notes made by individual members of such liquidating credit union, at such prices and under such terms as may be agreed upon by the board of directors of the purchasing credit union and the board of directors, or liquidating agent, of the liquidating credit union.