Article 3. Disclosure And Loan Documents of California Financial Code >> Division 7. >> Chapter 3. >> Article 3.

Each industrial loan company shall display prominently in each place of business a full and accurate schedule of the maximum charges to be made and the method of computing the same. The schedule is subject to the approval of the commissioner.
Each industrial loan company shall:
  (a) Deliver or cause to be delivered to the borrowers, or any one thereof, at the time the loan is made, a written statement showing in clear and distinct terms the name and address of such company and the broker, if any. The statement shall show the date, amount, and maturity of the loan contract, how and when repayable, the nature of the security, if any, for the loan, and the agreed rate of charge.
  (b) Obtain from the borrower a signed statement as to whether any person has performed any act as a broker in connection with the making of the loan. If such statement discloses a broker or other person has participated, the company shall obtain a full statement of all sums paid or payable to the broker or other person.
  (c) Keep the statements required by this section for a period of two years from and after the date the loan has been paid in full, or has matured according to its terms, or has been charged off.
An industrial loan company shall deliver or cause to be delivered to the person making any payment in person in cash at any office of the company, at the time such payment is made on account of any loan, a plain and complete receipt showing the total amount received and identifying the loan contract upon which such payment is applied, and showing the unpaid balance of the loan.
An industrial loan company shall upon repayment of any loan in full, cancel or plainly mark "paid" and return to the borrower or person making final payment, the note evidencing the loan. If such borrower is not otherwise obligated to such company, the company shall release all security for such loan, endorse and return any certificate of ownership, and return to the borrower any security agreement, assignment, or order signed by the borrower, except such as are a part of the court record in any action, or such as have been delivered to a third person for the purpose of carrying out the terms thereof.
An industrial loan company shall not take any note, promise to pay, or security agreement that does not accurately disclose the actual amount of the loan, the time for which it is made, and the agreed rate of charge, nor any instrument in which blanks are left to be filled in after execution.