Article 3. Administration And Operations of California Financial Code >> Division 10. >> Chapter 1. >> Article 3.

The commissioner may make general rules and regulations and specific rulings, demands, and findings for the enforcement of this division, in addition to, and within the general purposes of, this division.
(a) It is unlawful for any person to knowingly alter, destroy, mutilate, conceal, cover up, falsify, or make a false entry in any record, document, or tangible object with the intent to impede, obstruct, or influence the administration or enforcement of any provision of this division.
  (b) It is unlawful for any person to knowingly make an untrue statement to the commissioner during the course of licensing, investigation, or examination, with the intent to impede, obstruct, or influence the administration or enforcement of any provision of this division.
(a) Each licensee shall pay to the commissioner its pro rata share of all costs and expenses reasonably incurred in the administration of this division, as estimated by the commissioner, for the ensuing year and any deficit actually incurred or anticipated in the administration of the program in the year in which the assessment is made. The assessment will be based on the number of locations.
  (b) On or before the 20th day of May in each year, the commissioner shall notify each licensee by mail of the amount assessed and levied against it and that amount shall be paid within 30 days thereafter. If payment is not made within 30 days, the commissioner may assess and collect a penalty, in addition to the assessment, of 1 percent of the assessment for each month or part of a month that the payment is delayed or withheld.
  (c) If a licensee fails to pay the assessment on or before the 30th day of June following the day upon which payment is due, the commissioner may by order summarily suspend or revoke the certificate issued to the licensee. If, after an order is made, a request for hearing is filed in writing within 30 days, and a hearing is not held within 60 days thereafter, the order is deemed rescinded as of its effective date. During any period when its certificate is revoked or suspended, a licensee shall not conduct business pursuant to this division except as may be permitted by order of the commissioner. However, the revocation, suspension, or surrender of a certificate shall not affect the powers of the commissioner as provided in this division.
All money paid or collected under this division shall be deposited in the State Treasury to the credit of the State Corporations Fund. The administration of this division shall be supported out of the State Corporations Fund upon appropriation by the Legislature.
(a) A license, along with any currently effective order of the commissioner approving a different name pursuant to Section 23023, shall be conspicuously posted in the place of business authorized by the licensee.
  (b) A license is not transferable or assignable. A license issued to a partnership or limited partnership is not transferred or assigned within the meaning of this section by the death, withdrawal, or admission of a partner, general partner, or limited partner, unless the death, withdrawal, or admission dissolves the partnership to which the license was issued.
Every licensee shall post a complete, detailed, and unambiguous schedule of fees. The information required by this section shall be clear, legible, and in letters not less than one-half inch in height. The information shall be posted in a conspicuous location in the unobstructed view of the public within the licensee's location.
A licensee shall maintain only one place of business under an original or amended license issued pursuant to Section 23008. The commissioner may issue more than one license to the same licensee upon compliance with all the provisions of this division governing an original issuance of a license.
(a) If a licensee desires to change its place of business to a street address other than that designated in its license, the licensee shall give written notice to the commissioner at least 10 days prior to the change. The commissioner shall then provide written approval of the change and the date of the approval. A new application shall not be required for a change in the address of an existing business location previously licensed pursuant to this division.
  (b) If notice is not given at least 10 days prior to the change, as required by subdivision (a), the commissioner may assess a civil penalty on the licensee not to exceed five hundred dollars ($500).
No licensee shall transact the business licensed or make any transaction provided for by this division under any other name or at any other place of business than that named in the license except pursuant to a currently effective written order of the commissioner authorizing the other name or other place of business.
Each licensee shall keep and use books, accounts, and records that will enable the commissioner to determine if the licensee is complying with the provisions of this division and with the rules and regulations promulgated by the commissioner. Each licensee shall maintain any other records as required by the commissioner. The commissioner or a designee of the commissioner may examine those records at any reasonable time. Upon the request of the commissioner, a licensee shall file an authorization for disclosure of financial records of the licensed businesses pursuant to Section 7473 of the Government Code. All records shall be kept for two years following the last entry on a deferred deposit transaction and shall enable an examiner to review the recordkeeping and reconcile each consumer deferred deposit transaction with documentation maintained in the consumer's deferred deposit transaction file records.
The department shall maintain a toll-free telephone number for deferred deposit transaction customers to make complaints and express concerns regarding the product or a specific licensee.
On or before March 15 of each year, beginning March 2006, each licensee shall file an annual report with the commissioner pursuant to procedures that the commissioner shall establish. The licensee's annual report shall be kept confidential pursuant to Chapter 3.5 (commencing with Section 6250) of Division 7 of Title 1 of the Government Code and any regulations adopted thereunder. The annual consolidated report shall be prepared by the commissioner and made available to the public. For the previous calendar year, these reports shall include the following:
  (a) The total number and dollar amount of deferred deposit transactions made by the licensee.
  (b) The total number of individual customers who entered into deferred deposit transactions.
  (c) The minimum, maximum, and average amount of deferred deposit transactions.
  (d) The average annual percentage rate of deferred deposits.
  (e) The average number of days of deferred deposit transactions.
  (f) The total number and dollar amount of returned checks.
  (g) The total number and dollar amount of checks recovered.
  (h) The total number and dollar amount of checks charged off.
(a) No licensee shall advertise, print, display, publish, distribute, or broadcast, or cause or permit to be advertised, printed, displayed, published, distributed or broadcast, in any manner, any statement or representation with regard to the business subject to the provisions of this division, including the rates, terms, or conditions for making or negotiating deferred deposit transactions, that is false, misleading, or deceptive, or that omits material information that is necessary to make the statements not false, misleading, or deceptive.
  (b) No licensee shall place an advertisement disseminated primarily in this state for a deferred deposit transaction unless the licensee discloses in the printed text of the advertisement, or the oral text in the case of a radio or television advertisement, that the licensee is licensed by the department pursuant to this division.
  (c) The commissioner may require that rates of charges or fees, if stated by the licensee, be stated fully and clearly in the manner that the commissioner deems necessary to give adequate information to, or to prevent misunderstanding by, prospective customers.
  (d) No advertising copy shall be used after its use has been disapproved by the commissioner and the licensee is notified in writing of the disapproval.
  (e) The commissioner may require licensees to maintain a file of all advertising copy for a period of 90 days from the date of its use. The file shall be available to the commissioner upon request.