Division 13. Premium Financing of California Financial Code >> Division 13.

As used in this division, "premium financing" means engaging in the business of advancing money, directly or indirectly, to an insurer or producer at the request of an insured pursuant to the terms of a premium finance agreement, wherein the insured has assigned the unearned premiums, accrued dividends, or loss payments as security for such advancement in payment of premiums on insurance contracts only, and does not include the financing of insurance contract premiums purchased in connection with the financing of goods and services.
As used in this division, "finance charge" means any amount which the insured agrees to pay in excess of the premium and fees charged by the insurer or producer, and exclusive of the cost of credit life insurance and attorney fees.
As used in this division, "premium finance agreement" means a loan contract, note, agreement, or obligation by which an insured agrees to pay to a lender in installments the principal amount advanced by the lender to an insurer or producer in payment of premium on an insurance contract or contracts, plus charges, with the assignment, as security therefor, of the unearned premiums, accrued dividends, or loss payments.
Any person engaged in premium financing may pay compensation to a licensed insurance agent or broker for arranging, directing or performing services in connection with a premium financing agreement; provided, that the premium financer shall maintain for inspection by the appropriate regulatory authority for a period of three years a statement, in a manner and form approved by the regulatory authority, setting forth the fees paid to individual insurance agents and brokers who are paid for services in connection with premium financing.