Chapter 4. Hearings of California Financial Code >> Division 14. >> Chapter 4.

The commissioner, and all persons designated by him, may administer oaths, take the testimony of witnesses, and issue subpoenas requiring the attendance of witnesses and the production of books, documents, and other things under their control, at any examination, investigation, or hearing in any part of the state.
All of the provisions of Chapter 2 (commencing with Section 1985), Title 3, Part 4 of the Code of Civil Procedure relating to the means of production of evidence out of court are applicable to any examination, investigation, or hearing under this division.
The authority to make or conduct any examination, investigation, or hearing, including the authority to administer oaths and to subpoena witnesses, and to take their testimony may be delegated by the commissioner to any deputy, investigator, or auditor appointed by him for that purpose. The appointment shall be made by an instrument in writing, signed by the Commissioner. Upon any examination, investigation, or hearing, the instrument shall be produced by the deputy, investigator, or auditor at any time upon demand.
All hearings provided for in this division shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 5 (commencing with Section 11500), Part 1, Division 3, Title 2, of the Government Code, and the commissioner has all the powers granted therein, except that a hearing held in accordance with Section 30604 may be presided over by a hearing officer qualified under Section 11502 of the Government Code, or by any deputy designated by the commissioner.
Every order, decision, license or other official act of the commissioner is subject to review, in accordance with law.