Chapter 6. Miscellaneous of California Financial Code >> Division 15.5. >> Chapter 6.

The corporation is authorized to accept any public or private financial grant in furtherance of the purposes of this division, including, but not limited to, grants for alternative energy research or demonstration projects, manpower training, or economic development.
The board may consider and adopt rules for the acceptance and disbursement of grants, provided, however, that the cost of administering any grant, less any payment for grant administration made to the corporation by the granting authority, shall in no case exceed 5 percent of the operating budget of the corporation in any calendar year.
The corporation may participate with any federal or state governmental agency, department, board, bureau, or office in any program which is intended to assist the development of the alternative energy industry or to encourage economic development.
The corporation may develop and implement a program to assist private financial institutions, to evaluate investment opportunities in alternative energy systems, and to help potential small business borrowers make contact with appropriate private sources of funds for alternative energy investments.
Notwithstanding any other provision of this division, loans or other financing programs undertaken by the corporation in furtherance of minority enterprises and export financing shall be funded from the enterprise loan fund, or other accounts which the corporation may establish. The board shall promulgate separate loan review procedures and criteria which shall be applicable to loans and other financing programs implemented by the corporation pursuant to this section.