Article 1. Savings Liability of California Financial Code >> Division 2. >> Chapter 5. >> Article 1.

The savings liability of an association shall consist only of the aggregate amount of its savings accounts, plus interest earned or credited to the accounts, less redemption and withdrawal payments.
Except as limited by the association from time to time or by state or federal law or regulations, account holders may make additions to their savings accounts in amounts and at times they elect.
Savings accounts may be opened for cash or, subject to any limitations or restrictions in regulations issued by the commissioner, for property in which the association is authorized to invest. In the absence of fraud in the transaction, the value of the property taken in payment, as determined by the board of directors, shall be conclusive.
No member of a mutual association is responsible for any losses of the association, no savings account is subject to assessment, and no savings account holder is liable for any unpaid installments on the account.