Article 3. Contracts For Savings Programs of California Financial Code >> Division 2. >> Chapter 5. >> Article 3.

An association may contract with the proper authorities of any public or nonpublic elementary or secondary school or institution of higher learning, or any public or charitable institution caring for minors, for the participation and implementation by the association in any school or institutional thrift or savings plan, and it may accept savings accounts at the school or institution, either by its own collector or by any representative of the school or institution that becomes the agent of the association for that purpose.
An association may contract with any employer, as follows:
  (a) With respect to the solicitation, collection, and receipt of savings by payroll deduction to be credited to a designated account or accounts of its employees who voluntarily elect to participate.
  (b) With respect to the direct deposit of wages or salary paid to the account of the employee by electronic or other medium upon authorization in writing by the employee and designation of the association as the recipient of the deposits.
An association may pay commissions or fees in cash or merchandise for soliciting deposits to any employee of the association or to any broker or agent as determined by the association.