Chapter 4. Brood Stock Acquisition of California Fish And Game Code >> Division 12. >> Chapter 4.

Aquatic plants or animals may be legally obtained for use as brood stock from all of the following sources:
  (a) A holder of a commercial fishing license.
  (b) A registered aquaculturist.
  (c) The department.
  (d) Imported sources authorized by Chapter 7 (commencing with Section 15600).
(a) The department may sell wild aquatic plants or animals, except rare, endangered, or fully protected species, for aquaculture use at a price approximating the administrative cost to the department for the collection or sale of the plants or animals. The commission shall set this price.
  (b) Aquatic plants and animals may be collected by a registered aquaculturist only with the written approval of the department. The department may specify the time, place, and manner of collection and may collect a fee from the aquaculturist in an amount sufficient to cover the cost of processing the approval.
  (c) Notwithstanding subdivision (a), the fee for collecting sturgeon or striped bass broodstock shall be five hundred dollars ($500).