Chapter 7. Importation Of Aquatic Plants And Animals of California Fish And Game Code >> Division 12. >> Chapter 7.

(a) No live aquatic plant or animal may be imported into this state by a registered aquaculturist without the prior written approval of the department pursuant to the regulations adopted by the commission.
  (b) The department shall not approve the importation of, or renew a permit to import, any anadromous fish or roe thereof listed in Section 2118 or the regulations adopted under Section 2118 into the Smith River watershed by a person unless that person had a permit or authorization approved before February 22, 1988. However, the department may issue or renew a permit for the importation of any anadromous fish or roe thereof specifically for research purposes conducted at any university, college, governmental research agency, or other bona fide scientific institution, as determined by the department, engaging in scientific or public health research.
A written application for the importation submitted in conformance with the procedural requirements established by the commission is deemed to be approved where it has not been denied within 60 days.
No facility constructed for the purpose of spawning, incubating, or raising of anadromous fish listed in Section 2118 in the Smith River watershed is exempt from any provision of the California Environmental Quality Act.
(a) Nothing in this chapter prohibits the importation of Atlantic Salmon or the roe thereof, or the continued possession of Atlantic salmon or the roe therefrom which were lawfully imported or possessed on or before February 22, 1988, in the Smith River watershed under a written approval of the department issued pursuant to Section 15600.
  (b) Nothing in this chapter applies to the importation or possession of dead Atlantic salmon or nonviable roe therefrom imported for human consumption if the importer has the appropriate licenses issued by the department.