Chapter 8. Aquaculture Development Committee of California Fish And Game Code >> Division 12. >> Chapter 8.

The director shall appoint an Aquaculture Development Committee consisting of the following persons:
  (a) At least 12 members representing all sectors of the fresh and salt water aquaculture industry.
  (b) One member representing the department, two members from and chosen by the University of California, one with expertise in aquaculture science and one with expertise in outreach to the fisheries community, and one member each from and chosen by the Department of Food and Agriculture, the California Coastal Commission, the State Lands Commission, the State Water Resources Control Board, the State Department of Health Services, and the Joint Legislative Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture. The member of the committee appointed by the Joint Legislative Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture shall meet and, except as otherwise provided by the California Constitution, advise the committee to the extent that this advisory participation is not incompatible with his or her position as a Member of the Legislature.
(a) The term of membership for members other than representatives of public agencies shall be three years. The representatives of public agencies shall serve at the pleasure of the agency that the member represents.
  (b) Members of the committee shall serve without compensation.
(a) The committee shall be advisory to the director on all matters pertaining to aquaculture and shall coordinate activities among public entities.
  (b) The committee shall assist the director in developing and implementing a state aquaculture plan, identify the opportunities for regulatory relief, assist in development of research and development priorities, assist in the development of criteria to assure that publicly financed pilot programs are compatible with industry needs, and identify other opportunities for industrial development.
The committee shall meet on the call of the director, but not less than twice each year.