Article 3.5. Cooperative Hunting Areas of California Fish And Game Code >> Division 2. >> Chapter 5. >> Article 3.5.

To provide added protection for landowners from the depredation of trespassers and to provide additional hunting opportunities to public hunters and private landowners, the department may contract with landowners for the establishment of cooperative hunting areas according to terms as the respective parties may agree upon, subject to the following conditions:
  (a) Cooperative deer and elk hunting areas shall be at least 5,000 acres in size, including the open, restricted, and portions thereof, and may consist of the adjoining lands of one or more owners.
  (b) The boundaries of each area shall be posted by the department with a sign stating legal hunting may be allowed in the area if written permission is obtained from the owner or their duly authorized agent.
  (c) The department shall enforce the trespass provisions of the Penal Code and the provisions of this code within these areas.
  (d) The commission may establish regulations and set fees for the management and control of hunting in these areas.