Article 2. Findings And Declarations of California Fish And Game Code >> Division 2. >> Chapter 7.5. >> Article 2.

The Legislature finds and declares all of the following:
  (a) That it is the policy of this state:
  (1) To maintain sufficient populations of all species of wildlife and native plants and the habitat necessary to insure their continued existence at the optimum levels possible to insure the policies stated in paragraphs (2), (3), and (4).
  (2) To provide for the beneficial use and enjoyment of wildlife and native plants by all citizens of the state.
  (3) To perpetuate native plants and all species of wildlife for their intrinsic and ecological values, as well as for their direct benefits to man.
  (4) To provide for aesthetic, educational, and nonappropriative uses of the various wildlife and native plant species.
  (b) That the conservation and enhancement of wildlife species which are not the object of hunting and native plant species is in the general public interest and it is appropriate that the cost of programs to achieve such conservation and enhancement, including the biological and botanical research necessary thereto, and the diffusion of the information resulting therefrom to the public, be borne to the extent necessary by general public funds.
(a) The policy set forth in this chapter is in the public interest without regard to the economic value or the lack of economic value of wildlife or native plants.
  (b) It is the policy of the state to require the recreational users of the state's wildlife resources to support the management of lands managed by the department and the management of wildlife consistent with Section 711.