Article 2. Special Seasons of California Fish And Game Code >> Division 1. >> Chapter 3. >> Article 2.

Whenever after due investigation the commission finds that game mammals, other than deer, and fur-bearing mammals and resident game birds have increased in numbers in any areas, districts, or portions thereof other than a refuge or preserve established by statute, to such an extent that a surplus exists, or to such an extent that the mammals or birds are damaging public or private property, or are overgrazing their range, the commission may provide by regulation, for a special hunting season for the mammals and birds, additional to, or concurrent with any other open season specified by law; or provide for increased bag limits; or remove sex restrictions specified by law.
Before adopting a regulation pursuant to Section 325, the commission at an open meeting shall publicly announce the contents of the proposed regulation, and fix a time and place for a hearing on the proposed regulation in each county that would be affected by the regulation. The time for each hearing shall be at least 21 days after the announcement, and the place shall be the county seat of the affected county.
Notice of the hearing shall be published at least once, and at least 10 days prior to the hearing, in a newspaper of general circulation in each of the counties in which the hearing is to be held, or if no such newspaper is published in that county or counties then in such a newspaper in an adjoining county. The hearing shall be conducted by either (a) the commission, (b) a member of the commission designated by it, or (c) the director if requested so to do by the commission. At least 10 days prior to the holding of any such hearing the commission shall notify each member of the board of supervisors, at his home address, of each county affected of the details of its proposed order affecting such county and the time and date of the hearing.
Such employees of the department as may be necessary or are requested by any interested group of persons, shall be present at the hearing. After the hearing the commission may abandon the proposal or make a final regulation, with any modifications it deems appropriate, or without modification.
The regulation may fix a license fee for special hunting and designate the number of special licenses to be issued, the area in which such hunting will be permitted, the number and sex of animals or birds that may be killed by each holder of a special license, and the conditions and regulations to govern such hunting.
Cooperative hunting areas, as described in Section 1575, may be established in connection with any area opened to hunting under the provisions of this article.