Chapter 4. California Condor of California Fish And Game Code >> Division 4. >> Part 2. >> Chapter 4.

The department may carry out a California condor preservation project which has the following objectives:
  (a) Habitat protection, consistent with the department's existing legal authority.
  (b) Field research, including mortality studies.
  (c) Captive breeding program.
  (d) Condor release program.
The department, jointly with the federal-state condor recovery team established pursuant to the federal Endangered Species Act shall develop a plan to respond to the objectives in Section 3850. Based on the plan, the department shall develop specific activities, studies, and programs to be administered by the department in the areas of habitat protection and field research. The department may contract for all or some of these activities, studies, and programs.
The department shall provide funds to the Zoological Society of San Diego and to the Los Angeles Zoo for a condor breeding program on the grounds of each zoo.
In addition to the programs in Section 3852, a condor release program administered by the department and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service may be contracted to the Zoological Society of San Diego and the Los Angeles Zoo.
Not more than 10 percent of the funds provided to the zoos under this chapter may be used for administrative costs of the program.
Both the breeding program and the release program, if authorized by the department, shall meet criteria established by the department and shall be monitored by the department. The zoos shall submit biannual reports to the department which describe progress made in the breeding program and the release program.
The department shall include copies of the biannual reports from the zoos in the annual report to the Legislature on the status of listed species required in Section 2079.
To the extent possible, the department shall seek private sector funding and any federal funds which may be available to augment state funds for the purposes of this chapter.