Article 1. Taking Deer of California Fish And Game Code >> Division 4. >> Part 3. >> Chapter 4. >> Article 1.

(a) Subject to the provisions of this code permitting the sale of domestically raised game mammals, it is unlawful to sell or purchase, or transport for the purpose of sale, any deer meat in this state whether fresh, smoked, canned, or preserved by any means, except fallow deer meat processed by a slaughterer in accordance with Chapter 4 (commencing with Section 18650) of, and Chapter 4.1 (commencing with Section 18940) of, Part 3 of Division 9 of the Food and Agricultural Code, and except that deer meat may be imported into this state from a foreign country for the purpose of processing (manufacturing) and selling a product commonly known as venison or deer jerky or venison or deer salami, properly labeled as such, for human consumption. All deer meat imported into this state shall meet all of the sanitary and inspection requirements for wholesomeness, except an antemortem inspection, but including a postmortem inspection, as required for other meat imported for human consumption. The deer meat shall be in an identifiable condition and accompanied by a bill of lading, showing the name of the consignor, the consignee, and the weight of the deer meat shipped. A copy of the bill of lading shall be delivered to the nearest office of the department either prior to, or not later than, two days from the date of receipt of the deer meat. No such deer meat imported into this state may leave the premises of the original consignee unless written permission is received from the department, or unless it is processed into the form of the product commonly known as jerky or salami.
  (b) As used in this section, "deer" includes any animal of the family Cervidae.
Any person taking any deer shall retain in his possession during the open season thereon, and for 15 days thereafter, that portion of the head which in adult males normally bears the antlers, and shall produce the designated portion of the head upon the demand of any officer authorized to enforce the provisions of this code.
The skin or hide of any deer lawfully taken may be sold, purchased, tanned, or manufactured into articles for sale. Skins or hides of deer lawfully taken may be donated at any time to veterans' organizations or veterans' service committees for use by veterans for rehabilitation purposes.
No person shall at any time capture or destroy any deer and detach or remove from the carcass only the head, hide, antlers, or horns; nor shall any person at any time leave through carelessness or neglect any game mammal or game bird which is in his possession, or any portion of the flesh thereof usually eaten by humans, to go needlessly to waste. The provisions of this section shall not apply to game mammals taken under the authority of Sections 4152 and 4183 of this code.