Article 1. Frogs of California Fish And Game Code >> Division 6. >> Part 1. >> Chapter 7. >> Article 1.

As used in this article, "frog" means all species of frog.
Except as otherwise provided in this code or in regulations adopted by the commission, it is unlawful to take or possess any frog for commercial purposes. This article does not apply to frogs grown pursuant to Division 12 (commencing with Section 15000).
Any person who conducts a place of business where frogs are sold to the public for food, or who takes or possesses frogs for sale to, or for use by, educational or scientific institutions for scientific purposes, may possess only at the place of business any number of frogs which have been legally obtained pursuant to this code or regulations adopted by the commission.
It is unlawful to take frogs by the use of firearms of any caliber or type.
The department may issue a permit to take and dispose of frogs under such limitations as the commission may prescribe, when, in the judgment of the department, such frogs are polluting the water supply in any area, or otherwise constitute a nuisance.