Chapter 1. General Policies of California Fish And Game Code >> Division 6. >> Part 1.7. >> Chapter 1.

(a) The Legislature finds and declares that the Pacific Ocean and its rich marine living resources are of great environmental, economic, aesthetic, recreational, educational, scientific, nutritional, social, and historic importance to the people of California.
  (b) It is the policy of the state to ensure the conservation, sustainable use, and, where feasible, restoration of California's marine living resources for the benefit of all the citizens of the state. The objective of this policy shall be to accomplish all of the following:
  (1) Conserve the health and diversity of marine ecosystems and marine living resources.
  (2) Allow and encourage only those activities and uses of marine living resources that are sustainable.
  (3) Recognize the importance of the aesthetic, educational, scientific, and recreational uses that do not involve the taking of California's marine living resources.
  (4) Recognize the importance to the economy and the culture of California of sustainable sport and commercial fisheries and the development of commercial aquaculture consistent with the marine living resource conservation policies of this part.
  (5) Support and promote scientific research on marine ecosystems and their components to develop better information on which to base marine living resource management decisions.
  (6) Manage marine living resources on the basis of the best available scientific information and other relevant information that the commission or department possesses or receives.
  (7) Involve all interested parties, including, but not limited to, individuals from the sport and commercial fishing industries, aquaculture industries, coastal and ocean tourism and recreation industries, marine conservation organizations, local governments, marine scientists, and the public in marine living resource management decisions.
  (8) Promote the dissemination of accurate information concerning the condition of, or management of, marine resources and fisheries by seeking out the best available information and making it available to the public through the marine resources management process.
  (9) Coordinate and cooperate with adjacent states, as well as with Mexico and Canada, and encourage regional approaches to management of activities and uses that affect marine living resources. Particular attention shall be paid to coordinated approaches to the management of shared fisheries.
(a) A regulation adopted pursuant to this part shall apply only to ocean waters and bays. Notwithstanding any other provision of this part, nothing contained in this part grants the department or any other agency of the state any regulatory authority not in existence on January 1, 1999, in any river upstream of the mouth of such river, in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta or in any other estuary.
  (b) The policies in this part shall apply only to fishery management plans and regulations adopted by the commission on or after January 1, 1999. No power is delegated to the commission or the department by this part to regulate fisheries other than the nearshore fishery, the white sea bass fishery, emerging fisheries, and fisheries for which the commission or department had regulatory authority prior to January 1, 1999.