Article 1.3. Native California Trout of California Fish And Game Code >> Division 6. >> Part 2. >> Chapter 2. >> Article 1.3.

(a) The Legislature finds and declares all of the following:
  (1) California has the greatest biodiversity of native trout species of any state in the nation. Trout can be found in more than 18,000 miles of California's cooler streams. California's trout are the principal sport fish in 3,581 cold-water lakes and reservoirs.
  (2) Self-sustaining native trout populations in "Heritage Trout Waters" that retain and promote genetic trout diversity and overall sustainable watershed and ecosystem environmental health are state policy.
  (b) Funding for "Heritage Trout Waters" is a priority for the Hatchery and Inland Fisheries Fund.
  (c) The commission may designate "Heritage Trout Waters" to recognize the beauty, diversity, historical significance, and special values of California's native trout. The commission's designation shall meet both of the following criteria:
  (1) Only waters supporting populations that best exemplify indigenous strains of native trout within their historic drainages may qualify for designation.
  (2) Only waters providing anglers with an opportunity to catch native trout consistent with the conservation of the native trout may qualify for designation.
  (3) Any stocking of heritage trout waters shall meet the criteria established by Chapter 7.2 (commencing with Section 1725) of Division 2.
The following are native California trout:
  (a) Coastal cutthroat trout.
  (b) Lahontan cutthroat trout.
  (c) Paiute cutthroat trout.
  (d) Coastal rainbow trout/steelhead.
  (e) Eagle Lake rainbow trout.
  (f) Kern River rainbow trout.
  (g) Goose Lake redband trout.
  (h) McCloud River redband trout.
  (i) Warner Valley redband trout.
  (j) Little Kern golden trout.
  (k) California golden trout.