Article 5. Commercial Passenger Fishing Boat Licenses of California Fish And Game Code >> Division 6. >> Part 3. >> Chapter 1. >> Article 5.

The owner of any boat or vessel who, for profit, permits any person to take fish, shall procure a commercial passenger fishing boat license. This article applies only to a boat or vessel whose owner or his or her employee or other representative is with it when it is used for fishing. A person operating a guide boat, as defined in Section 46, is not required to obtain a commercial passenger fishing boat license.
The base fee for a commercial passenger fishing boat license is two hundred fifty dollars ($250) in the 2004 license year, which shall be adjusted annually thereafter pursuant to Section 713. The commercial passenger fishing vessel license shall be issued to the holder of a commercial boat registration issued pursuant to Section 7881.
The holder of a license shall keep a true record in the English language of all fish taken, and shall comply with such regulations as the commission may prescribe. Such a record and the information contained in it shall be confidential, and the record shall not be a public record.
Licenses issued under this article are subject to forfeiture, suspension, or revocation for a violation of Section 7121 and for any offense for which a commercial fishing license may be forfeited, suspended, or revoked.
(a) If a vessel is licensed under this article and is used to take salmon or has salmon aboard in ocean waters north of Point Arguello, there shall be on board that vessel, a total number of commercial fishing salmon stamps sufficient to have at least one for the operator and one for each crewmember required by United States Coast Guard regulations, excepting an operator or a crewmember who is exempt from the requirement under subdivision (b) of Section 7860. The commercial fishing salmon stamps shall be affixed to either the commercial fishing licenses of the operator and the crewmembers or, pursuant to subdivision (b), to the commercial passenger fishing license. No person shall operate, or cause to be operated, any vessel licensed under this article in violation of this subdivision. Vessels permitted as commercial salmon fishing vessels pursuant to Section 8234 are exempt from the requirements of this subdivision.
  (b) Notwithstanding Section 1053, the department may issue to the owner or operator of a vessel licensed pursuant to this article, upon application and payment of the fees prescribed in subdivision (c) of Section 7860, one commercial fishing salmon stamp for the operator and not more than one additional commercial salmon stamp for each crewmember required by the United States Coast Guard regulations. The commercial fishing salmon stamps issued under this subdivision shall be affixed to the vessel's commercial passenger fishing boat license issued pursuant to this article.