Article 12. Commercial Fisheries Capacity Reduction Program of California Fish And Game Code >> Division 6. >> Part 3. >> Chapter 1. >> Article 12.

There is hereby established the Commercial Fisheries Capacity Reduction Account in the Fish and Game Preservation Fund. Fees collected pursuant to Section 8126 shall be deposited into the account. Money in the account shall be used to repay the California fishermen's share of any federal loans used in the federal West Coast Groundfish Fishery Capacity Reduction Program (Sec. 212, P.L. 107-206). The commission may establish, by regulation, any additional program elements necessary to conform state law to federal law, in order to allow California groundfish fishermen to fully participate in the federally established buy-back program for the Pacific groundfish fishery.
The commission shall establish a capacity reduction fee on the taking of certain species of fish and shellfish, consistent with the West Coast Groundfish Fishery Capacity Reduction Program. In establishing the fee, the commission shall also consider the administrative cost associated with collecting these fees.