Article 3. Anchovies of California Fish And Game Code >> Division 6. >> Part 3. >> Chapter 2. >> Article 3.

In any district or part of a district lying south of a line drawn east and west through Point Mugu, anchovies may be taken in any quantity for bait or for human consumption in a fresh state, or, by contract with the department, for hatchery food, not to exceed 500 tons per year.
Anchovies taken south of that line in waters not less than three nautical miles from the nearest point of land on the mainland shore, and anchovies taken north of that line in any waters, may be possessed, transported, sold, or otherwise dealt with in any district or part of a district south of that line.
The operator of a boat engaged in taking anchovies in waters south of the line described in Section 8180 shall at all times while operating the boat identify it by displaying on an exposed part of the superstructure, amidships on each side and on top of the house visible from the air, the department registration number of the boat, in 14-inch black numerals on white background.
No anchovies may be taken for any purpose in Humboldt Bay, except under the following conditions:
  (a) Anchovies may be taken for live bait between May 1 and December 1 and may be taken for dead bait between May 1 and August 31. The operator of a vessel may take anchovies only for use in his or her own fishing operation, except that the operator may make incidental sales of anchovies so taken to local sport fishermen for their use as bait. This subdivision does not prevent the cooperative effort of two or more vessel operators or their crews working together with one net if each operator has complied with the notification requirement in subdivision (b).
  (b) An observer who is an employee of the department shall inspect any bait operation and may halt that operation if the operation cannot be conducted without adversely affecting the game species of the bay. Notification of all bait operations shall be dispatched so as to be received by the department at least 12 hours prior to the commencement of the operation.
  (c) Anchovies may be taken in Districts 8 and 9 only north of a line extending through channel markers 8 and 9 in Humboldt Bay.
  (d) Not more than 15 tons of anchovies may be taken between May 1 and August 31 of each year and not more than 15 tons may be taken between September 1 and December 1 of each year.
  (e) Only bait nets, as defined in Section 8780, shall be used to take anchovy.
  (f) Any game fish caught incidentally in bait nets shall be released by use of a hand scoop net or by dipping the cork line. An accurate record of all fishing operations shall be kept and is subject to inspection by the department. The commission shall adopt any other regulation it determines is necessary to protect the Humboldt Bay anchovy resource.
(a) It is the policy of the State of California that the anchovy resource shall be managed in a manner which insures the continued abundance of the species. To that end, the department shall conduct, or have others conduct, annual anchovy egg-larvae surveys or any other annual surveys, research, and analyses necessary to insure that an accurate biomass estimate is made.
  (b) This section shall become operative, and activities shall be carried out pursuant to this section only in the event, and to the extent, that funding is made available for such activities by the federal government.