Article 11. Fresh-water Fish For Bait of California Fish And Game Code >> Division 6. >> Part 3. >> Chapter 2. >> Article 11.

Any person engaged for profit in the taking, transporting, or selling of live fresh-water fish for bait shall first obtain from the department a live fresh-water bait fish license to possess the fish for those purposes. The commission may prescribe regulations governing these licenses. A license shall be issued for a calendar year, or, if issued after the beginning of such term, for the remainder thereof, and may be revoked for a violation of the terms thereof. Such a license is not required for the raising, possession, or sale of live fresh-water fish for bait under authority of Division 12 (commencing with Section 15000). The provisions of this code on commercial fishing, packing, or processing licenses, on reports by persons engaged in the commercial fish industry, and on statements required by owners or operators of fishing boats, do not apply to the taking, transporting, or selling of live fresh-water fish for bait.
The annual license fee for a live freshwater bait fish license is fifty-five dollars ($55) for each person.
A license issued under Section 8460 shall authorize the taking of only golden shiners, fathead minnows and such other species as the department may designate, under such regulations as the commission may prescribe. The commission may prohibit in any part or all parts of the State the possession alive of any species of fish which it considers a potential threat to the fisheries of the State by reason of possible escape and establishment.
Traps not over 24 inches in greatest length nor more than 12 inches in greatest depth or width, or seines of not over 1/2-inch mesh stretched measure and not more than 4 x 30 feet in size, may be used for the taking of fish of the carp and minnow family (family Cyprinidae), suckers (family Catostomidae), sculpins (family Cottidae), or mosquito fish (genus Gambusia). Such traps may be used only in lakes and impounded waters. Such seines may be used only in lakes, impounded waters, and conduits. Fish taken as provided in this section may be sold only as bait. Fish other than those named in this section that may be taken in such traps or seines shall be released and returned unharmed to the water wherein taken.
Notwithstanding Section 200, the commission shall regulate the taking of freshwater clams for commercial purposes.