Article 4. Liability Of Persons Using Pilot Services of California Harbors And Navigation Code >> Division 5. >> Chapter 1. >> Article 4.

Vessels which use pilotage services, and their tackle, apparel, furniture, and other appurtenances, and their owners, operators, and agents are jointly and severally liable for pilotage fees and for the surcharges established pursuant to this division.
If any pilot, in endeavoring to assist or relieve any vessel in distress, suffers loss or damage to the pilot's vessel, the owner and operator of the distressed vessel are jointly and severally liable for the loss or damage.
(a) A pilot carried to sea against the pilot's will, or unnecessarily detained on board a vessel when a pilot vessel is in attendance to receive the pilot, shall receive six hundred dollars ($600) per day while so carried to sea or detained, plus reimbursement for any expenses incurred by the pilot in returning to the pilot station.
  (b) The owner, operator, and agents of the detaining vessel are jointly and severally liable for paying the amount specified in subdivision (a).