General Provisions of California Harbors And Navigation Code >> Division 8. >> Part 6.

"District," as used in this part, means any river port district formed pursuant to this part.
"Board," as used in this part, means the port commission described in Chapter 2 (commencing with Section 6830).
This part does not repeal, modify, or otherwise affect the provisions of any other law relating to port or harbor districts, and no other law providing for the creation of port or harbor districts repeals, modifies or otherwise affects this part or any of its provisions.
Any property owned by any city which is used or held for the purpose of aiding or developing navigation, commerce, or fishing may be transferred to the district to be used for the same purposes, and any land of the State, which may have been transferred to any such city, may be transferred to the district subject to the trusts and other provisions providing for the transfer of lands from the State to the city. A city which is governed by a freeholders charter may only transfer or turn over such property if authorized so to do by the provisons of its charter or by amendment thereof.
If any land under a navigable stream, is by virtue of any work or improvement by the United states or the State, freed from the easement of navigation and fishing, it reverts to the district, to be used for the purposes and objects for which the district was organized. If the lands are not used or held for these purposes, they revert to the State.
If a district is dissolved, all land granted to it by a municipal corporation, reverts to and is revested in the municipal corporation granting it to the district.